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Lisa Jolicoeur of Jolicoeur & Associates - In addition to 20+ years as a CPA with a Master’s Degree in Taxation and special ty in divorce matters, Lisa Jolicoeur is an attorney and member of the California State Bar. This rare combination of education and experience makes Lisa a particularly effective member of your legal team.

About Jolicoeur & Associates and Lisa Jolicoeur

Lisa Jolicoeur is a forensic accountant with a track record of helping participants in divorces resolve their differences fairly. Since 1996 she has worked with clients helping them to achieve financial clarity under difficult and often, trying circumstances.

Lisa is both a CPA and an attorney: this training enables her to communicate efficiently and effectively with your legal team and enables her to contribute to the development of the compelling legal arguments regarding your financial situation.

Prior to founding Jolicoeur & Associates, Lisa was a Principal at Seiler LLP, one of the Bay Area’s premier regional accounting firms and a Senior Manager at BDO Seidman, a national accounting firm. She has also worked with some of the most prominent local boutique accounting firms whose focus has been litigation support in divorce matters. See Lisa’s full professional background.

Lisa holds a law degree from Golden Gate University and has passed the California State Bar. Lisa also has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Taxation from Cal State University at Hayward. She is licensed as Certified Public Accountant and is a Member of the State Bar of California.
From Lisa Jolicoeur CPA, JD

“When I start work on a new case, my intention is always to arrive at a fair and just outcome. I am looking for a positive outcome for my client, certainly. But, fundamentally, I believe that the best approach is to help both parties arrive at an equitable resolution.

When clients come to me, the situation tends to be presented in one of two ways:
  • there is a difficult to understand or complex financial situation, or
  • one party believes that the other party is misrepresenting some aspect of the financial picture.
In either case, the first step is to dig in, find the facts and clarify the situation - to present a comprehensive financial picture.

In some cases, creating clarity where there once was confusion is all that is needed. The parties can review the financials and agree on a resolution.

When the parties cannot agree, however, I help to ensure that a fair and just resolution is achieved. As a trained attorney, in addition to being a CPA, I help my client and my client’s legal team to frame strong legal arguments both verbal and written, to the furtherance of my client’s financial position. I excel at presenting testimony in court but strive to avoid costly litigation, as nobody wins in that situation.

I am privileged to be able to combine my financial and legal skills and ability in a way that contributes to fairness and justice for my clients during a very difficult time under very challenging circumstances.

My goal, as always, is to help shepherd my clients through the divorce process with the least amount of damage, and for them to know that I am on their side, helping to protect their financial rights and their financial interests."
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