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Forensic Accounting for Divorce

Jolicoeur & Associates specializes in forensic accounting for divorce. Typically, clients seek the service of a forensic accountant when there is a need for resolution of a financial issue. Most engagements encompass the following key steps in helping you to resolve your situation:
1) Initial discovery – determining the issues that are at stake
  • During the first phase of work, we will review your current situation and determine the facts that need to be discovered to enable us to arrive at a fair and just result in your case. Some of the financial issues you may face include:
    • The need to search for hidden assets or hidden income streams.
    • Disputes about what is income?
    • Calculating the needs of children and the corresponding amount of child support.
    • Ascertaining the marital standard of living and calculating spousal support.
    • Division of assets.
    • Issues relating to the home, such as, is there a credit due to the continued occupancy of one spouse?
    • Establishment of community property – separate vs. community.
    • Business valuation.
    • Retirement accounts.
    • Employment changes, what is the impact of support?
    • Assistance/education when your spouse is more financially sophisticated.
    • Etc.
    2) Quantitative evaluation – digging in to determine your financial picture
  • Jolicoeur & Associates will assemble and review your financial documents and use them to discern the issues you face and the possibilities for resolution.
  • 3) Develop your strategy for arriving at a fair result
  • Based on the findings from our analysis, we will present to you our recommendation for a fair and just resolution of your case. Once we are clear about your objectives, we will then formulate the strategy and implement a methodology for the resolution.

    Whether for negotiation or for trial, our objective is to clearly show that what we propose is fair, just and reasonable.
  • 4) Presenting your case – advocating for a fair outcome
  • Once we have developed our strategy and completed our analysis, we will advocate for the proper result – whether in negotiations or in court.

    A key consideration in making the right choice of your forensic accountant, is that your accountant may be called upon to testify on your behalf, under oath, in a court of law. When selecting a forensic accountant you want to select someone whose integrity you can trust, as well as someone who is both articulate and persuasive and who can convey both in the court room. Lisa Jolicoeur is qualified to testify in court in San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, having garnered over 10 years of testifying experience.

  • Mediation and Collaboration Services

    In the dissolution of a marital or domestic partnership relationship, the parties may be in the frame of mind that they want to work together in reaching a resolution of their issues. When there are financial issues, even if the parties agree, they may need someone to work with them in a collaborative manner to help put together the intent of their desires as far as their respective financial issues are concerned.

    At Jolicoeur and Associates, we have worked with both parties in a collaborative environment, putting together an agreement on the financial issues that is agreeable to all concerned. This effort allows both parties to move forward to the next stage of their lives, thus our mediation and collaboration services can be a very cost effective and valuable tool in your dissolution.

    Tax Preparation and Consulting

    With over twenty years experience preparing tax returns and providing tax planning and tax consulting services, we are very capable in assisting you with your tax needs. If you are one of our divorce clients, we have the added knowledge that was gained from being an intimate member of your divorce process, hence, we will have the added keen awareness of the potential tax complexity you may face as a result of your divorce.

    We are here to make the transition which occurs in any divorce a little simpler. Taking the complexity out of your tax situation is just one more thing we can do for you.


    In addition to tax preparation and consulting services, Jolicoeur and Associates can provide you with bookkeeping assistance for your home or small business.

    Again, providing you the means to make the necessary financial adjustments in your life and in turn, making your life a little less hectic, a little less complex, is our goal.

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